HNK Gallery - A surrealistic gateway to inspiration and elegance

When you first step into the HNK gallery, you enter a world of wonders where creative expression through art, colors, and light blends into an outstanding and vibrant interior design. Welcome to the HNK universe!

The space is an old warehouse that served before as a factory for aircraft parts and, after that, as a carpentry warehouse. When architect and designer Hamid Nicola Katrib took over the place, he turned it into a charming gallery. Hamid reveals that this multifunctional space's shape and look are a dream come true. The gallery consists of an exhibition of his paintings and custom-made furniture items, as well as his painting studio and the office of the HNK design team.

The hall has a surface of 260 square meters and a generous height of 6,5 meters. One of its main assets is the natural light that fills the whole space thanks to the wide windows. Hamid decided to keep the old windows just as they were because they express the initial identity of the area and create contrast between the old and the new hall.

Hamid imagined this space as a wonderland that revolves around his surrealistic vision as an artist. The sculptural arcades visually separate two areas of the hall and embark visitors on a fantasy world full of endless possibilities.

The floor is covered in a graphic design created with four different ceramic tiles placed diagonally for a dramatic and impactful effect. Geometric influences are recurrent in HNK projects and couldn't miss from his own gallery.

Another signature element for HNK is color. The brighter, the better. He loves to use vibrant colors in all his creations, be it painting, furniture, or interior design. The color palette in his gallery keeps the same bold approach: the artist used electric turquoise and discreet rose tones, beautifully blended with the everlasting duo - black and white. The space also hosts a 120-year-old piano, refurbished in blue by Hamid, which adds up to the eclectic design of the gallery and offers a beautiful welcome at the entrance.

The stairway wall leading to the mezzanine is home to Hamid's impressive collection of portraits and makes reference to old mansions where art always had a place of honor. One of Hamid's wishes was to create a small portrait paintings museum for the public and a permanent exhibition of his beautiful collection.

The HNK office has powerful masculine influences: the prevalent color is black, and one outstanding design element is the "paradise jungle" painting Hamid created on the storage area's sliding doors. This painting is entirely made with gold foil and only two colors. The same artwork is found on both limited edition consoles in Hamid's office. The office desk is an original art deco creation. The wall behind the desk is home to one of the artist's first exhibition paintings in 2009, "Playing with Fire." All in all, Hamid's office encapsulates an eclectic, glamorous, and masculine style.

The painting studio is the brightest area of the space, with two walls covered in high windows. This corner has a fantastic vibe that inspires Hamid every time he sits in front of the easel for a new painting. Hamid decided to keep the concrete floor in this area, both for practical reasons and for the New Yorker loft style.

There is much more to tell about the HNK gallery, but more to see and feel once you visit it. The 140 sqm open space has been designed in the most minor details and became an ideal venue for workshops, team-buildings, book or perfume launches, video filming, and many other projects.

With each design element, Hamid's wish was to give this space a timeless touch, leaving an unforgettable memory in each visitor's mind.