Ana Morodan 2013


If you are following my Instagram diary you already know that a few days ago I was invited to visit Hamid Nicola Katrib ‘s latest creation.

No, Hamid Nicola Katrib is not a clothing designer, but one of the most young talented interior designer architects from Romania.

Born in Bacau, Romania, and raised in Lebanon, Hamid is an enthusiastic dreamer, passionate about sea elements which escape from the ordinary and dull through art.

Welcome to one of the most beautiful and sophisticated creations of Hamid Nicola Katrib
Well,well,well, what do I notice here, in this pink universe? An amazingly feminine and chic Photoliu arm chair! I am madly in love with my Photoliu. I never look at it as I look at a chair, I look at it as I look at a beautiful, need-to-cherish little work of art.

So tell me? Do you love Hamid‘s new residential creation? Because frankly, I fell in love when I entered the door. The soft touches of pink, the beautiful and calming bedroom, the perfect dinning area, antique table setting and Azay glasses – perfect!

For me, it was love at first sight and what I appreciate the most is his attention to details. Every corner, every area is a perfectly harmonized mix between unique furniture and special decoration objects.

There is one more aspect that makes Hamid Nicola Katrib special – his surrealistic paintings.

Influenced by the works of Dominique Ingres (French neoclassical painter) and the Flemish School of the 18th century, the young artist has developed a passion for still life and an interest for details consisting of small elements which give life to his paintings. The most representative colors from Hamid’s paintings are made of strong shades, in contrast with dark backgrounds and grey shades.

And now, after you have seen his work, let me introduce you to the person who fascinated a whole industry!

Ladies, meet Hamid Nicola Katrib!

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