Home World Design 2014

Apartment with bright and fresh design by Hamid Nicola Katrib

Hamid Nicola Katrib was born in Romania but grew up and studied fine arts in Lebanon. Currently, he has returned and develops his activities in Romania, considering that this is a country where there are more opportunities for his career. Designer’s business card includes a rich portfolio of projects characterized by good taste, refinement and attention to detail that highlight every corner of a space. Among his achievements, it is also enlisted this modern apartment  characterized by bright interiors, fresh and harmonious.

The designer believes that every project comes to life due to the created atmosphere by those who inhabit it, and as such the lifestyle, inclinations, preferences of the owners are defining elements in its stylistic approaches. The owners of the apartment are a young family with a dynamic lifestyle, therefore the designer considered a modern approach would be appropriate for them. Focusing on a futuristic stylistic conception, the designer had to achieve a balance between practical and beautiful in order to realize an aesthetic and functional ambience. The white that dominates the interiors takes over the natural light that floods the apartment through the large windows and multiplies it giving birth to amazing visual effects. Flecks of warm colors and rounded shapes contribute to an intimate, pleasant and restful atmosphere. Practically the entire interior design forms a micro universe that protects you from any external factor that may disturb your peace. We are convinced that the pictures speak for themselves!

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